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    Edmund Tan

    Poor counter nurses, attitude poor and equip no courtesy to serve patients.

    Maybe that’s how the doctors train their nurses with their own kind of attitude.

    Don’t bother to even understand patient’s condition and judge upon their own.

    Maybe business is too good because they cover all brands of insurance claim. Which is understandable why they have such poor attitude.

    One scenario faced while I was at the clinic is when 1 Grandpa brought his grandson to see the doctor. With no prior knowledge that he needs the birth cert of his grandson to see the doc, the nurses shunned the grandfather aside rudely.

    Note: Clinic owner rectify that their nurses attend to the grandfather immediately. I would give a benefit of doubt that the doctor did so. I have revised my complain upon clarification made below.

    Claps for the “Caring Family Clinic” name, well done to the clinic’s nurses.

    I dont know why there are even 5 stars reviews at the first place.

    Thank for clarifying that the old grandfather and grandson was well taken of. For this I feel it is responsible for me to give a fair compliment to your clinic doctors.

    However by answering to this complain does that meant you want to acknowledge that your nurses provided a good service attitude? If deemed yes, do look at your reviews, I believe I ain’t the first to provide such bad ratings.

    Well, it is okay we choose to visit another clinic for a better service.

    Please do look at the nature of my complain before you make unnecessary leakage of the Patient’s details. Have I said anything about the doctor being unprofessional? Well now we can see how unprofessional it has gotten to.

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    Samantha Chan

    Was so unwell. . Yet Dr still think that Im just want to get mc.. Omg joke of the day sia..

    Sorry for late reply I’m currently recovering from my virus infection as my second opition Dr prescribed me. Thanks for your help. Pls have more caring regarding to patient comments .As update of 24.03.2019

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    Mey Mey Chai

    Was unwell, standing in front of front desk, but the receptionist just ignore me. Lousy service

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    Shermaine Sng

    Frm my knowledge Dr choose is the best doc Dat I haver ever met in jurong maybe not best in Singapore but she is Juz lye the clinic name caring n she dun give u whole list of unwanted medication n charge u extra I believe every decision or of days of Mc is needed she will noe better cos she is professional have u seen hw she treat the seniors she check throughly I think doctors like her r getting lesser thumbs up Dr choo ur always the best Ya the counter staffs r quite gossiping I caught them too but Wat has it got to do with Dr choo be more fair to her I’m tere for treatment from Dr choo not tere for the reception I oso ever complain to Dr choo about the reception b4 dats y Tey have been changing a lot God bless

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    Chandra Koko

    Clinic assistant need to be changed immediatelly. Poor service & unprofessional to handle the patient..
    1.5 hours waiting and still not sure when my turn will be.. Totally unacceptable!!

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