Jeff Holwege (AB7DN), past STARS President and past ARES/RACES E.C. for Clatsop County and one of STARS founding fathers, is the person who convinced the City of Seaside to fund a repeater. He is seen standing next to the repeater in the photo. He did the foot work, leg work and brain work. He made the contacts and worked many hours on the project. STARS and Seaside owe him a special note of gratitude for his tireless efforts to improve emergency communications in the area.


The open repeater is owned by City of Seaside. It is a commercial quality system manufactured by Advanced Communication Systems  of Groveland, MA. The controller was manufactured by Computer Automation Technology, Inc, of Fort Lauderdale, FL. The repeater has redundant backup power.


The repeater is located in the City of Seaside water treatment plant, south of Seaside. The system was installed by Pacific Public Safety from Warrenton, Oregon.


             Terry Harris (N6DUV) is the Trustee for STARS and maintains the repeater and antenna system.

             The ‘49’s frequency is 145.490 (- shift) with a PL tone of 118.8

             The Seaside area simplex emergency frequency is 146.400.


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